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Date: 12/5/2018
Subject: December Reminders
From: Sylvania Masters

Reminders for December:
December 15 - Sylvania Masters Holiday Party
December 16 - Sylvania Masters Internal Competition

How does this work?  
- Attend your normal practice session (4pm, 5pm, 6pm)
- Warm up as a group during each session (aprrox 15 minutes)
- Ppick and choose which events you want to swim based on Andy's event list
- Line up and compete when Andy calls your event

We will need some members to time during each of the sessions you are not participating in.

We will not hold a competition during the 6PM session.  However, if you are part of the 6PM group and want to compete, please attend the 5PM session. 
December 23 - Holiday Practice (Fun!)
December 25 - NO PRACTICE
December 27 - Breakfast @ Executive Diner in downtown Sylvania following morning practice
December 31 - USMS renewal required - no renewal, no swimming!

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events